The Accra Technical Training Centre is a Day Technical Institution. All students on arrival at the Centre must first see the accountant to settle their financial obligations to the Centre. Students should ensure that they collect receipts from the Accountant for all monies paid. No student will be admitted to any class unless fees in respect of that class are fully paid. Fees other than deposits, once paid are not refundable. Students who fail to report on the first day of the term are expected to bring along to the Principal a letter of explanation from their parent / employers.


The centre encourages girls and woman to enroll on its various courses. 52 women have so far been enrolled in our training programmes run at the centre.

The completion and success rates for women on the centre’s programmes have been over 80%.


Since its inception in 1966, the center has trained many students from other African countries; notably, from Nigeria, Liberia, Togo, Benin, Sudan, Cote d’voire, Namibia, Guinea  and South Africa.

Presently there are a number of foreign students on various courses at the center.  Foreign students are required by policy to pay their fees in Ghana Cedis.