1st offence: warning in the form of signing a bond.

2nd offence: Internal suspension (manual labour) Suspension/Dismissal.

  1. Examination Malpractice: Cancellation of paper and external suspension for not less than two weeks. Any subsequent offence will attract dismissal.
  2. Refusal to write examination: (a) Student carries zero marks in paper(s) not written. (b) If candidate still refuses to write, he/she shall be dismissed.
  3. Anonymous letter giving false information: Warning giving in the form of signing a bond.
  4. Deliberate distortion of facts/character assassination: Warning in the form of signing bond. 2nd offence shall attract dismissal.
  5. Fighting: 1st offence: Manual work 2nd offence: External suspension for not less than two weeks/dismissal.
  6. i) Flouting the authority of school prefect or seniors ii) Flouting the authority of the Head/other members of staff.
  1. Assault on members of staff and their dependents/group of students – Withdrawal from the school (dismissal). Dismissal.
  2. Incitement to riot/rioting suspension of those who riot. Dismissal (ring leaders) Parents should be made to pay for the cost of damage.
  3. Petty theft: 1st offence: Warning/manual work 2nd offence: Dismissal (with restitution in all cases).
  4. Stealing: 1st offence: Suspension 2nd offence: Dismissal (with restitution in all cases)
  5. Drunkenness, Tobacco Smoking: Dismissal
  6. Marijuana (Wee): Dismissal & handed over to the police (also recommendation for psychiatric checkup if necessary)
  7. Breaking Bounds: Suspension/Dismissal
  8. Leaving School Under False Pretense: 1st offence: Suspension. 2nd offence: Withdrawal
  9. Traveling outside school to town without permission: Suspension/Withdrawal
  10. Sexual Misconduct: Withdrawal (Dismissal for cases of rape and refer matter to police)
  11. Pregnancy: Withdrawal; and Transfer
  12. Termination of pregnancy/abortion: Dismissal
  13. Late return from Holidays: Internal suspension with graduated manual labour according to the number of days spent outside school. After 4th week, withdrawal.
  14. Possession of lethal weapons’ e.g. knives, pistols, guns, bows and arrows, crow bars and other offensive weapons. Confiscation/dismissal refer to police.
  15. Use or possession of unauthorized attire: 1st offence: Confiscation/with warning. 2nd offence: Internal suspension (hard work)
  16. Refusal to participate in approved school activities: 1st offence: Internal suspension. 2nd offence: External suspension. 3rd offence: Dismissal
  1. Bullying/molestation: 1st offence: suspension/dismissal. 2nd offence: outright dismissal
  2. Extortion: Refund all cases. 1st offence: suspension/dismissal 2nd offence: outright/dismissal
  3. Wilful destruction/damage of property: Replacement – dismissal
  4. Anti-social behaviour e.g. disrespect and insolence towards school authorities e.g. insult, cat-call hooting, use of obscene languages/songs. Internal suspension /external suspension or dismissal
  5. Use of unauthorised electric appliance e.g. stoves, radio cassette players etc. 1st offence: Confiscation & internal suspension. 2nd offence: Confiscation & external suspension.
  6. Punishment by proxy i.e. where a punished offender invites another person to do his/her punishment. Suspension of offender and invitee
  7. Receiving visitors at unapproved / unauthorised times and places: Suspension of offender and invitee.
  8. Indecent dressing: 1st offence: Immediate correction to; a decent/acceptable level. 2nd offence: Suspension. 3rd offence: Withdrawal.
  9. Visiting staff residence without permission: Internal suspension /manual labour/dismissal