The Accra Technical Training centre is a Technical/Vocational co-educational training institution established through the joint co-operation of the Governments of Ghana and Canada ‘’ to provide theoretical and practical instruction for the training of workers for the trades, business, industry and for the occupations as may be required from time to time’’. Its main objective, therefore, has been to train skilled manpower for Ghana’s industrial requirements.

It was officially opened in July, 1966 and jointly operated by the Canadian and Ghanaian Governments until March 1972, when it was handed over to the Ghana Governments.  It is under the Technical Division of the Ghana Education Service of the Ministry of Education.

Classroom learning activities, laboratory work and practical workshop activities (hand-on-operation) and ICT applications are the main instructional methods used at the centre. Sixty percent and forty percent training periods are respectively allocated for practical workshop activities and classroom instruction.

They are expected to undertake practical training in workshops outsider the centre.

  1. Auto Body Repairs
  2. Creative Art Technology
  3. Electrical Engineering Technology
  4. Electronics Engineering
  5. Industrial Maintenance
  6. Mechanical Engineering
  7. Motor Vehicle Engineering
  8. Plumbing & Gas Fitting Technology
  9. Welding and Fabrication Technology
  10. Wood Construction Technology
  11. Architectural Drafting
  12. Building Construction Technology
  13. Business System Technician Course
  14. Computer Technology
  15. Construction Technician Course
  16. Fashion and Designing
  17. Refrigeration & Air – Condition Technology
  18. Small Engine Repairs
  1. English
  2. Social Studies
  3. Integrated Science
  4. Mathematics
  5. Information Communication & Technology
  6. ICT
  7. Technical Drawing